The Truth Behind Illegal Video Streaming: Is It Really Stealing?

The Truth Behind Illegal Video Streaming: Is It Really Stealing?

With the rise of the digital age, watching movies and T.V. shows online is becoming more common. Video sites, such as Netflix and Hulu-Plus, offer a legal option for subscribers to catch up on their favorite programs digitally. Today, there is a rise in illegal video streaming, the act of watching movies and T.V. shows online without paying. The trend is becoming more and more popular among today’s youth, in spite of the fact that according to current copyright law, illegal video streaming is a punishable legal offense. Susan Drucker, a longtime professor of Media Law at Hofstra University and attorney specializing in media and entertainment, explains the seriousness of this widely accepted behavior.

When you take something online, when you download online, it doesn’t often feel like stealing because, in the old sense, because when you stole something from someone before, they didn’t have it any longer. When you take something without permission, or without paying or without paying for it that’s copyrighted online, the original is still there. So that old idea, that old feeling, that you were stealing someone else’s property has vanished. Copyright counts for something and taking something acts as stealing, even if the original is still retained. While streaming movies and T.V. shows online is still illegal, that hasn’t stopped Hofstra students from watching their favorite programs for free. I watch television shows online pretty frequently from many different sites. I don’t necessarily pay for a whole lot of them.

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Once or twice a week on like on Putlocker and stuff, like I just see it on there and I’m like “might as well watch it.” There’s one I use called or Project Free TV. To be honest with you, I don’t really watch the shows for free on the Internet. I like better quality, like resolution, so I prefer to watch it on actual HBO Go and Netflix and Showtime.

I use, I use the sites to watch Modern Family because it’s not on any streaming service that I pay for. The streaming of videos and movies is a large part of today’s youth culture, even though it is still illegal. However, it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, anytime soon. For the Long Island Report, I’m Emi Feldman..

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