Are Android TV Box’s Legal ? 2016

Are Android TV Box’s Legal? 2016


Are Android TV Box‘s Legal 2016 during 2015 the sale of Android Tv Box, tv box, android tv whatever you want to call them has risen massively here in the UK. It is not just the UK but all over the world people are now using these Android Boxes to access a huge range of tv channels and games.

Are Android TV Box’s Legal ?

So what is a Android TV Box or TVbox ?

Well they will enable you to:

Video chat with friends on the big screen
Stream Music straight to your TV
Show your favourite pictures on the big screen from your mobile devices
Allow access to thousands of movies and TV shows via on demand services like iPlayer
Netflix and Google play store installed
Access to thousands of apps via Google Play store
They turn your NON smart TV into a Smart TV

So no harm in this right ? Well there is a darker side to these Android TV Box’s, some developers have written apps or (.apk as they are known in the Android world) to play content both video and audio that is not legal or is it ?

The dark side of Android TV

Here at Hooked On Android we will not be going into or sharing any of these apps/apk due to legal reasons but they are not hard to find by doing a little research on the normal search engine’s and social media websites. What we ask is Are Android TV Box’s Legal ?

The law surrounding this issue can be a bit of a mine field but in simple terms if you are setting up Android TV boxes or Amazon Fire TV Sticks that are ready to go with everything already pre-installed then you are breaking the law. If you sell the boxes or Fire TV Sticks with just legal apps installed and your customers set them up at home then you are within the boundaries of the current law. This is why you will find these Android TV Boxes for sale at the various marketplaces on the internet. Amazon and E-bay have teamed up with FACT and the FTC to clear out the Fully loaded Android TV box or Fire TV Stick sellers from their platforms.
Item listings that offer Android TV boxes, Amazon Fire TV Sticks or any product pre-loaded with links intended to bypass payment for services or links to pirate material will be instantly removed without the option to appeal. Further infringements will result in a complete ban for the seller from their selling platforms.

Without checking out each and every service and box under consideration, you will find a general rule in relation to legality this is basically to use practical sense.

When you watch a Television show which can be found free-to-air with an alternative method, it might or might not be grey-market, but it is not typically illegal. (Needless to say, any TV licensing fees that could be needed in the country which you are now living in, ought to be paid as well)

Whenever you watch a subscription service via alternative methods, but pay the official company the proper subscription fee, again, it could possibly fall into grey-market, however it is not illegal. The official company still receives the money they demand, which filters down to everybody else, belonging to the company streaming the product or service to the actors starring in it, right down to the person who supports the microphone stand.

If alternatively, you go around a paywall, i.e. you attempt to gain access to Sky Sports without having to pay Sky, or attempt to get Netflix without having to pay Netflix, then that is most certainly illegal.

So, look into the channels being offered. You may notice something with Sky Sports integrated, but you will discover plainly no fees to Sky for this, then its ignoring the law.

So we hope we have cleared this up a little for you now. As this is a grey subject and we believe the laws are still changing on this if you choose to install some of the Apps you find on the internet you may want to keep an eye on the legality of things in this area.

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