Android TV Box Setup

Android TV Box Setup

Android TV Box Setup

On this page we are going to run through and hopefully answer some of your questions on Android TV Box Setup.

These boxes are pretty straight forward when it comes to setting them up but if in any doubt follow our quick guide here.

To begin with you will need a decent broadband speed anything over 4mb download speed will work but obviously the faster broadband you have the better experience you will you will get especially if you plan to stream HD content to your TV.

Next you will want to decide how you are going to get your broadband to your TV box and your options are either via WiFi or Ethernet cable. We highly recommend using an Ethernet cable for this but we know this is not always an option. If you are having problems getting a Ethernet cable to the TV box take a look at these Powerline Adapters as they are a very easy solution.

Next on the list to get your Android TV Box Setup is to take it out of the box and have a look at the back and see what connections you have. As the boxes do vary they all normally have a HDMI out,2 or 3 maybe more USB ports,Ethernet port,sound outputs and a power AC input.Take the HDMI cable and plug it into a spare HDMI input on your TV and the other end into your TV box. Next plug in the power adapter to a spare wall socket and the other end in to the TV box,you should see a light come on on the TV Box. This may be a good time to mention some of the cheaper Android TV Boxes come with a very poor remote control and unless you are stood/sat directly infront of the box you are going to run into issues with it. We recommend when buying a box to invest in a remote too,something like this HERE. If you have one of these you will need to put the USB adapter in a spare USB port on the box now and make sure the battery is charged or new for it.

Next with your TV remote select the A/V channel to the correct HDMI port you connected the TV Box too and you should be greeted with your new Android TV Box on your screen. If you are not using an Ethernet cable to connect the box you will now need to enter the Settings menu and setup your WiFi using the code from your router. Also make sure the box is ticked for the connection you would like to use,either WiFi or Ethernet/LAN.

Next while still in the settings menu take a look at the Time and Location options and set accordingly as these are normally set to Chinese settings along with the keyboard layout.

The next thing you should do to get your android tv box setup is either open a Gmail account or login with an existing account you already have,you can do this in the settings menu also under Add Account. This will allow you to use the Google Play Store so you can download and use your favourite apps on your TV.

At this point you should be setup and ready to enjoy using your new android tv box. We have listed a few of our favourite apps HERE for the best apps for android tv box. We will continue to add new apps we find so be sure to check back and check readers comments on what they are using.

Any problems you are having during setup please feel free to comment below and we will help the best we can.

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