Android History 2008 ~ 2016

Android History 2008 ~ 2016


the history of android

Android really started out back in 2008 with the release of the T-Mobile G1 handset(made by HTCg1). It was quite a chunky device compared to today’s android devices,it had a full qwerty keyboard which was very good for typing notes,emails and SMS etc. It came with Android 1.0 and to be honest it did not feel all that finished on release but one thing you could tell was Google had high hopes for this platform. I think the main thing that really stood out for Android 1.0 was that it could be used freely and Apps were really starting to stand out.

In early 2009 Android 1.1 came out but there was nothing to really see on this update the major updates were to follow later in the spring with the release of 1.5(Cupcake) this was the start of where Android started naming their software after sweets! Cupcake seen the release of touchscreen only Android phones that had built in keyboards on the screen and the start of widgets and basic video recording on the camera app.

Later in 2009 Google released another update 1.6(Donut) and this brought even more fun to the phones with Android Market and Gmail,back then you could only get these built into the operating system so it was a feature you could only enjoy with this latest update.

Android still had a nerdy feel about it which I think was still scaring a few buyers away but what happened next in 2010 really changed things for this fantastic open source platform.

The Nexus One was released in January 2010 and this sexy little beast started to blow people aw
ay with its 3.7 inch screen,SD card support and a massive 5 megapixel camera!!!

Later this year the HTC Desire and the first of the Samsung Galaxy phones showed its face the ‘S’. In September 2010 Samsung surprised us all by releasing a 7? Galaxy Tab! The Tab came with Android 2.2 installed,this was custom built by Samsung. This Tablet was a huge hit and the mid sized tablet market hit the roof.

During this time there was a lot of Android vs iPhone rivalry but im not going to go into all that here.It was 2010 where the iPad was released too!

In December 2010 we seen the release of Android 2.3(Gingerbread) this was the biggest leap yet bringing us huge performance leap and much better App support and management. Also official support for a front facing camera was included for all you Selfie lovers haha. In fact by the end of 2010 the whole Android scene was huge.

In 2011 we seen the next instalment of Android 3.0(Honeycomb) This update did not really bring much to the table and was quickly replace with Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) and by this time HTC really were the big players with massive sales of over $1 billion in this year. Htc released the Sensation XL and Samsung released the Galaxy S2.

We also seen the release of the first Android laptop kind of thing the Asus Transformer,this was a tablet that docked onto a keyboard! This actually worked quite wandroid-robot-signell at the time.

By the end of 2011 Android 4.0 was taking shape nicely and people were starting to feel comfortable using the Android platform and 4.0 really was the start of things to come.

In 2012 we seen the release of the Samsung S3 and this was a massive hit. It was starting to get nasty between Apple and Samsung then with Apple saying that the new S3 had stolen many of its ideas from them. I’m not going into all this here but i believe Apple are still appealing this today.

CyanogenMod were releasing their own OS that you could flash on to your device too(we will go into this in detail in another part of the website) this help to get more out of your older device adding newer features that you could not otherwise get.

In 2012 we seen the Android Market develop into Google Play and we all know where Gnex7oogle Play is today,an excellent platform for consumers and developers to buy and sell on.

Also in 2012 we seen the release of Google’s Nexus devices(made by LG) This included the Nexus 4 phone and the massively popular Nexus 7 Tablet.

In 2013 HTC launched its Metal,yes you read the right Metal HTC One. This was a huge leap forward with everything the phone had to offer not just the look and feel but the software was great too. Google released the Nexus 7 again as the Nexus err 7 the resolution was bigger 1920×1200 and the desione-1gn was more comfortable. It also had stereo speakers and a 5MP rear camera. It was a great all round improvement running Android 4.3(Jelly Bean).

Later in 2013 we seen the release of Android 4.4 KitKat and the Nexus 5 phone(i am still using this now). We also started to hear and see things about Androids wearable tech like the Galaxy Gear and the Pebble. There were so many devices built around the Android platform we could tell that Android is here to stay for us all to enjoy.

In 2014 we seen Android 5.0(Lollipop) and we now had quad core CPU’s to play with. Many bugs shipped along with the 5.0 update but they were soon ironed out and by the time 5.1.1 was out we had fantastic stability. This year seen Android devices explode all over the place,it was in our living rooms now(chromecast) and being used and played with for all kinds of interesting

2015 was huge too with the Samsung 6 and 6edge,Nexus 6. Qualcomm chipsets. Really nice camera’s were also a huge hit in 2015. Hold on though it was not just the mainstream brands having all the fun there is a rise of Chinese smartphone brands on the horizon(we will be featuring a lot of these on the website) Some very nice high quality smartphones at a fraction of the cost!

So here we are 2016 and it is still growing very strongly and heading into the Virtual Reality era(this will be fun). We will do out very best to keep our readers updated on the very latest news and the best offers in the world of Android….

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